with our two hands,  Eden Solomon, Dynamo Arts Association, July 20, 2019

with our two hands, Eden Solomon, Dynamo Arts Association, July 20, 2019

Resilience (noun): the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity

Propelled by an interest in the physical and transcendental interconnectivity that weaves itself between all things cultural, social, geographic and object, Eden Solomon calls attention to the ways in which practices around bread making hold within them experiences and understandings of resilience, endurance and tradition. with our two hands looks to how bread is shared across time and place, carrying with it cultural heritage across generations through its makers. 

From its various points of origin, the fundamental ingredients and process by which bread is made have not undergone much change. Solomon considers the ways in which bodies carry with them traditional knowledges, records of making and how, through hands as sites of labour, this intelligence is shared and passed down. It is between the languages of familial teachings and contemporary dance choreography that Solomon considers the body both as a vessel of gestural inheritance and a site of translation. The subsequent work questions the endurance of bodies and their ability, not unlike that of dough, to sustain and rise.  

Present in the space, alongside the performance are knowledges around practices of bread making that are being passed down from Solomon’s own mother, father and aunt. with our two hands is an ongoing process of research, learning and understanding. 

Music arrangement and production: Andre Denim, co-production: Eden Solomon
Samples from Carole Beaulieu, Ruta Berhane, Solomon Tzeggai

Canadian-Eritrean artist Eden Solomon grew up in Montreal and now mostly lives in Vancouver. She is interested in the interconnectedness of things.

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