Seeking | Sahand Mohajer @ Fai Alomran | September 2017

Seeking | Sahand Mohajer @ Fai Alomran | September 2017

Number 3 Gallery presents a one night event freaturing the screening of Sahand Mohajer’s short film Seeking at the residence of Fai Alomran. 

The Exhibition of Sahand Mohajer’s Seeking in Number 3 Gallery provides an intimate viewing of the short film with opportunity to discuss dreams, grief, knowledge inquiry, cultural roots and familial relationships amongst other elements integral to the short film. By artist’s request, screenings and discussion will take place in small groups throughout the evening with an ongoing reception to coincide. Drinks will be by donation. 

Seeking A solitary figure reaches for a presence that remains ungraspable, prompting the figure to face his own confinement and slip out of a long bittersweet solitude.


Sahand Mohajer is a Persian-Canadian artist and filmmaker producing video, writing, photography, performance and installation. With an aesthetic sensibility that oscillates between conventional and experimental beauty Mohajer views artmaking as a balancing act between the subjective and the systematic. Communication, as result, is soft and often presented with great humility on the part of artist inviting a multitude of interpretations.

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