Foundation | Dhanha Lee @ Alex Joukov | February 2018

Foundation | Dhanha Lee @ Alex Joukov | February 2018

#3 Gallery presents work by it’s first artist-in-residence Dhanha Lee at the studio of Alex Joukov.

Active within art institutions for almost two decades, Lee is weary of the ways in which such institutions framed her practice.

Thinking through the idiom “think outside the box” quite literally, Lee explores ways in which conventions around the display of art can be reversed. Rather than making work to occupy #3’s gallery space, Lee creates a structure poised between support and precariousness to host the gallery.

During her two month long residency, Lee shared her bedroom with the gallery, who's micro and mobile characteristic allowed it to travel. She notes her residency was a continuous battle between making art and lying in her bed.


Dhanha Lee is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on sculpture, installation and social practice. Her social practice study involves working with socially marginalized communities and using art as a medium to build hope. Lee holds a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design with a Social Practice and Community Engagement minor. She is also a founding member of the GHIA Collective (Growing Hope Into Action) based in Vancouver.